Cypriot Students come to in the UK  

The UK has always been a popular destination for students across the world, with many coming for nearby countries from the EU, including Cyprus. The universities in the UK, offer some of the best education in the world, and give students many opportunities once graduating. Large cities and town such as Manchester, Oxford, Cardiff and Reading are popular places for international students to go to when looking at being educated in the UK. 

Student Accommodation 

Despite the recent Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic, Cypriot university students continue to flock to the United Kingdom to pursue higher education. There are companies that has have working with students from all over the world to help them settle into student accommodation in the UK. This article will look at some of the things to consider when choosing accommodation in the UK as a Cypriot Students wanting to come to the UK for university. Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing agents for student accommodation in the UK.

Another issue is the cost of living in the UK. Cypriot students will have to pay a higher tuition fee and will not be eligible for student loan privileges. It is expensive in certain cities for students to live, if they do not have the correct funding. Both utilities and accommodation are expected to rise over the coming years, making it tougher for EU students wanting to come to the UK. The Cypriot government is working to implement a new legislation that will ensure that Cypriot students will benefit from preferential treatment in the UK.

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Student Fees

Many Cyprus students have asked whether they can get student loan privileges. The UK government, which is partially funding the program, does not recognise Cypriot educational qualifications as equivalent to those of local Cypriots. Currently, Cyprus citizenship students pay around EUR9,500 a year in tuition. While this may sound like a lot, Cypriots who wish to study in the UK face different problems. For example, many graduates from overseas universities are not recognised by professional bodies.

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UK and Cyprus Government 

The UK government is considering to keep the fees for education at British universities the same as those of other EU citizens. Consequently, the children of Cypriot investors who have UK citizenship will have access to UK universities at a reduced cost. Furthermore, the fees for education at UK universities will be the same as those charged to UK nationals. After 2021, the prices are being review for education in UK universities.

The Cypriot government is looking at ways to implement a new policy to keep the costs of education at UK universities unchanged. The government has said that the fees of British universities will try to be affordable for undergraduate degrees. However, Cypriot students will have to pay higher tuition than at the current stage. So, the Cypriot government is working on a solution for this issue. There are also other ways to keep the fees at the same level.

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