Bespoke CV writing services

Being able to express oneself logically and coherently is a gift. Few can do it in writing, with impeccable spelling and punctuation. Writing a CV is a big job, which applicants for jobs prefer to leave to professionals.

If you follow the recommendations of experts, you can prepare a complete information about your work experience and personal qualities. But certain shortcomings in CV writing can play into the hands of the author.

Six features of a good resume

A specific position for which you are applying is specified. Formulations of the series: “any options”, “employee” will not give the employer a clear idea of the purpose of your application.

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Be succinct. Don’t rant, but it’s also a mistake to omit essential information. For example, if you are applying for the managerial position, it is useful to emphasise the 5 years of managerial experience.

Only the truth. Check facts, dates, figures. To write your resume correctly, check your employment history, diplomas and certificates. Don’t embellish when listing your skills. Otherwise, you might “fail” at your first personal meeting with the employer, if you are asked to show possession of said computer program or perform other stated actions.

Good photo. If you decide to add your image to the text part, pick a quality photo taken recently. If you’ve put on 10 pounds since the photo shoot and dramatically changed your hair colour, don’t use a photo that’s out of place. Unless you want to amuse your employer with a game, ‘Find 10 Differences’.

If they do not ask, do not do it. Unless the employer requests it, do not link to your social media profiles. Often they contain a lot of unnecessary information. If it helps to highlight your skills, talents, and abilities, that’s another matter.

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Use a sample resume written by someone else as a basis, but consider the profile. Along with the general guidelines, there are industry specific features.

Who can write a bespoke CV?

Bespoke CV writing services1

There are plenty of offers online with different prices for services for job applicants. When choosing who to hire a resume writer, it is useful to find out feedback about the person. Not only literacy and clarity are important, but also decency. After all, you entrust a stranger with your personal data. If it is a stranger found “by advertisement”, it is difficult to talk about a guarantee of confidentiality.

The second nuance – the financial side. It is risky to give an advance payment for unfinished work. To pay the executor in full before receiving the file is an optimistic view of life. If it is not an unknown person, but a company with a proven reputation, you can safely order the service.

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