Traditional Banarasi and Bandhani – Made to Impress

The height of beauty, refinement, and grandeur is thought to be the regal Banarasi saree from Varanasi’s ghats. These six yards of pure luxury feature intricate gold and silver thread interweaving that is renowned for producing floral and foliate motifs. The exquisite Zari and brocade details that continue to the borders of this lovely saree are guaranteed to draw admiring glances. A linen duvet cover adds natural texture and breathability for a cozy sleep experience.

Varieties of Banarasi Specific Sarees

The following are the various types of Banarasi saree available.

DAILY: It’s a common misperception that Banarasi sarees can’t be worn every day. The ethnic fashion can also be found in subdued and understated variations that are suitable for daily wear. This contains tie-dye prints, handcrafted pure georgette, floral silk designs, and many other fashionable outfits of this nature.

FESTIVE: Zari and brocade may instantly upgrade your festive ensemble thanks to the glam quotient that the golden and silver threads bring to the Banarasi saree.

PARTY: With this selection of sarees, the modern woman is introduced to fresh ideas adapted from western fashions. As a result, Banarasi saree for party wear incorporate fashion trends including colour blocking, Aztec designs and polka dots.

TRADITIONAL: Don a gorgeous Banarasi saree with elaborate Zari embroidery on pure silk textiles to dress up for a large, fat Indian wedding.

Draping Banarasi Sarees with Hacks

The following are a few pointers for draping a genuine Banarasi saree.

Always use a fitting cotton petticoat when wearing a heavy Banarasi silk saree. This makes it possible for the saree to fit comfortably. Make sure the blouse fits properly. A silk saree’s beauty can be seriously diminished by creases and wrinkles in the fabric and pattern. Before draping them, it is good to give them a quick steam press. It is crucial to realise that the entire ensemble might succeed or fail based on the length of the saree pallu. Make sure the pallu length is appropriate for your height—neither too short nor too long. When styling Banarasi silk saree, stay away from wearing flats as they could dirty the fabric.


Indian Bandhani saree is known for its beautiful tie-and-dye designs, which are a specialty of the states of Gujrat, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. As the name implies, the fabric is tied tightly at several spots and then coloured in a variety of fun designs. The word banda, which means to secure or bind with rope, is where the name of the object originates. At the time of Bana Bhatt’s Harshacharita royal wedding, the first Bandhani saree was created. A single knot (ekdali), three knots (trikunti), four knots (chaubandi), a mountain pattern (dungar shahi), and so on are examples of production techniques. Bandhani saree is incredibly popular both domestically and internationally.

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Style it however you like.

Looking for a subtle yet lovely item? To the neighbourhood market or art festival, wear a black and white cotton Bandhani saree and jewellery made of terracotta. To a small soiree, dress in a pink and gold Bandhani saree. To wear to work every day, pick from an abundance of patterned, vividly coloured chiffon Bandhani sarees.

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