Most Scenic Places to Retire in Western Canada

Retiring is becoming a hot topic for everyone who wants to get away from the exhausting drudge of work and instead wants to enjoy the beauty in their everyday life.  Thankfully, if you’re unsure about where to end up, Western Canada’s coast has tons of options for anyone who wants a slice of paradise.

Whether you want a beachy life, a mountain town, or a thriving city: there’s a place for everyone in Western Canada!

Thriving and Fun Vancouver, BC

Vancouver may be the most expensive city in Canada, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find things that are affordable and accessible even in retirement!  Living on the eastern portion of the city, right on the water, gives you the chance to enjoy endless beachy views on one side and beautiful thick city life on the other.  

Vancouver is full of pocket communities, areas where you can feel like you’ve stepped into another country or culture just by crossing a street.  This ensures you can spend the rest of your life getting to know the world and possibly enjoying the perks that come with learning more about other people.  This means fantastic food, incredible music, and friendships you can’t form as easily anywhere else.  Falling in love with Vancouver is easy: all you have to do is land here!

Skiing Heaven Whistler, BC

Whistler may be best known for its winter sports, but this city is heaven year-round.  Although real estate for sale in Whistler is infamously expensive if you can grab a home, retiring here feels like walking into a mountain retreat and getting to spend every day there.  Of course, there are winter sports for six to seven months out of the year, but in the summer, the mountains turn beautiful shades of green, and the entire town feels like a summer camp.  Living in Whistler is unlike anywhere else; it offers a chance to enjoy the extraordinary every day.  The skiing and snowboarding scene also ensures you’ll get to stay active as long as you want to. For more information visit this site: cnnnewsworld

Artistic and Fun Victoria, BC

If you have any artistic drive: it’s time to move to Victoria!  This beautiful town is just a ferry ride away from Seattle and offers plenty to see and do on its own.  Surrounded by gorgeous beaches on one half and deep luscious forest on the other, you’ll be stunned at how much natural beauty can fit into one little city.  Victoria dives into culture and art while taking a thorough understanding of this land’s history and people with it: you’ll fall in love with this area the moment you arrive.  Make sure to be creative and open to new experiences because Victoria will hand them out every single day! Get learn more information Best website in the world

Retiring Doesn’t Have to Mean Slowing Down.

Many assume that retiring means that you have to slow down and give up having any fun or exploring.  Thankfully, that’s not the case!  Consider moving to one of these amazing towns, and you’ll fall in love with the idea of retiring in them in no time.

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