Most Amazing and Popular Best Horror Games PS4

If you like horror games, then you have come to the right place. That is because I will tell you about some of the most terrifying and chilling games that will give you nightmares, but you will love them.

SOMA (2015)

SOMA changes around the customary awfulness game conditions of titles like Resident Evil for a submerged setting in an examination office. Covertness mechanics are fundamental for endurance as players sneak about, attempting to sort out a secret while participating in different riddle difficulties to advance the story.

Mental awfulness is the fundamental component of SOMA, rather than hop alarms and through and through dread. Strain works as the story is uncovered piece by piece, which is why the game scored so high, with pundits and gamers the same. Until this time, it’s one of the most misjudged yet fruitful repulsiveness games at any point made.

Little Nightmares (2017)

2017’s Little Nightmares takes substantial motivation from exemplary side-looking over games like Limbo to weave a dull and premonition account. The downer factor is turned up to 11, with startling visuals and unfavorable animals tormenting each corner, driving the player to depend on secrecy and quiet to continue onward.

Players control Six, a young lady wearing an overcoat who should remain alive by tackling puzzles and staying away from the detestations prowling. It’s one of the most nail-gnawing awfulness games on the PS4, with a degree of fear unrivaled by most games in the class.

The Last Of Us: Part II (2020)

The first Last Of Us was a true blue PlayStation hit and perhaps the best motivation to purchase a PlayStation console at that point. It was entirely acceptable, to the point that an H.D. remaster before long followed for the PS4, while the group was caught up with chipping away at a spin-off. Part II gets the latest relevant point of interest, with changed outcomes.

This spin-off is based upon the establishment of the first amazingly while moving the extent of the story. Nonetheless, Naughty Dog committed a significant error when it offed killed one of the most adored characters in the most disputable way conceivable, which prompted massive blowback. Imperfect, all things considered, this continuation justifies a playthrough.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (2017)

However, not a loathsomeness game by definition, Hellblade is one of the haziest and most upsetting games to turn out in the advanced age. It’s an outing into the wrecked mind of Senua, a Celtic fighter on a journey to fight the Norse gods for the arrival of her favorite. She’ll need to conquer many difficulties as she plunges further into her very own damnation.

Resident Evil 2 (2019)

The first Resident Evil 2 was a significant move forward from the endurance frightfulness on the PlayStation, yet it has lost a lot of its hazard throughout the long term. Capcom redo the notorious exemplary in a new motor, with new voice entertainers, discourse, and scenes to balance the bundle.

Fanatics of the first loved the new take, and Resident Evil 2 immediately became genuinely outstanding and most alarming ghastliness revamps ever. What’s old feels new once more, and the splendid realistic conveyance adds more strain and dread to a story with a ton of legitimacy.


Outlive is probably the most alarming game at any point to have been made, and it’s no less startling this moment than it was at the opportunity of delivery. The story centers around a columnist jumping into the guts of a mental clinic in the far-off mountains, which is the ideal setting for a horrible situation.

Visage (2020)

Generally roused by the now-incredible P.T. Demo, this frightfulness game was crowdfunded on Kickstarter and later delivered in October of 2020 to shining surveys. Look draws every one of its essential components from P.T., using a first-individual point of view to recount a dull harrowing tale trickling with nerve-wracking ghastliness.

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