How To Register For I9BET Super Fast In 1 Minute

In the Vietnamese market, when registering to create an account at bookies, there are often problems such as broken links or blocked links. Not only other bookies, but also I9bet itself. So how can I register for i9BET fastest? In the following article, we will guide you to register an account very quickly in just 1 minute

1.Simple I9BET account registration guide

To be able to become a member at I9BET, you just need to follow the way to register an account that we guide below:

Step 1: Visit the I9BET page via the link below to claim the I9bet bonus

Official link to register I9BET

If the I9bet site opens in English or another language, please change to Vietnamese and click the REGISTER button.

Step 2: Continue to click on the I9BET registration button

At this point, a window will open, please enter information under the headings:


user name


Currency you want to use


You need to fill in all the information to register an account

Step 3: Enter personal information to register I9BET

Information includes:

Full Name: Your first and last name must match the information you entered in the deposit step.

Date of Birth: Same as CMT

Username (to enter I9bet):

I9BET ID code is always: 99156

Password: It is recommended to set a password with strong security to avoid losing your identity.

Secret Question: Remember to retrieve your password in case you lose it and keep it simple and easy to remember.

Email address: Enter your regular email in case you forget or lose your login password.

Phone number: Any information about the account, questions about the account … You can contact directly by mobile phone, please fill in correctly.

Finally, enter the number sequence (captcha) and press the Confirm button. Note that you should carefully check the information carefully to see if it is correct before confirming.

Here, you just need to click the I9BET REGISTER button to complete the account registration.

After registration, I9bet will send a confirmation email, a consultant will call to answer your other questions within 24 hours.

Note: Information must be accurate when registering, because this is related to the deposit and withdrawal of money at the house.

Xem : Đăng Ký i9Bet

2.I9BET New Signup Promotion

I9BET is a large-scale bookie, not only highly appreciated for its reputation, interface, diverse games but also promotions that are also interested by the house. There are some attractive promotions for newbies such as:

How To Register For I9BET Super Fast In 1 Minute2

Get tons of prizes when you register an account at the bookie

Promotion to welcome new members up to 125% Deposit value up to 12,000,000 VND

Sportsbook promotion up to 100%

Cashback promotions for bet categories like sports, online casinos, keno and lotteries, slots

Exciting casino bonus programs including cash, games, lucky spins, sweepstakes,…

Along with many other attractive promotions and prizes, …

3.Note when registering for I9BET

I9bet only allows you to have one account and the account registration information matches the information at the bank that you use for transactions. If you don’t match a detail, you won’t be able to trade.

How To Register For I9BET Super Fast In 1 Minute3

A few notes “by heart” when registering for an account

Some members have tried to change the bank when re-registering I9BET to the used account. However, after a while, the anti-fraud department discovered that the player used 1 identity (two identical banking information) to participate in online betting. If you do not want to be locked out of your account and worse, do not make withdrawals or payments. Therefore, you need to know a few notes after registering an account:

Only register one and only one account.

Money can be transferred to your account through many different banks but the person making the transfer must be you.

Withdrawal information, bank account must be owned by you, do not authorize others when withdrawing money.

Your username can be anything but should not be the same as your real name.

Password must be at least 8 characters including letters and numbers

Choose a convenient currency for trading and betting

Enter the phone number or email you frequently use for your home to easily verify deposits and withdrawals.

If your account is inactive after 6 months, the bookie will deduct the monthly fee from your account.


Above are the ways to register for I9BET on phones and computers. Hopefully, the above information will help you better understand how to create an account as well as secure registration methods to ensure your rights. Hopefully through this article, you will learn more useful information on how to register an account, wish you a great experience!

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