What to Look for in Women’s Raincoat to Keep You Dry and Comfortable in Style

Whether walking to work or spending the day at the beach, weather elements can wreak havoc on your hair and makeup and ruin your outfit if you don’t have a suitable raincoat. The proper raincoat will protect you from getting wet and keep you looking fashionable, even when it’s raining. When shopping for a new women’s raincoat, keep these features in mind so that you stay dry and chic no matter what the weather brings!

1. Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant

When shopping for your new raincoat, you may notice that not all raincoats are waterproof. Some are water-resistant, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just means that they aren’t as effective at keeping out wet weather as their waterproof counterparts. If you live somewhere with frequent storms or are prone to get caught in heavy downpours while walking from your house to your car, it’s best to invest in an official waterproof coat.

This raingear for women will keep your skin dry even if you spend hours outside in pouring rain. However, if you live where light showers are more common than torrential downpours, water-resistant is probably fine for most of your needs. These coats still do an excellent job of keeping out moisture but don’t last quite as long as authentic, waterproof jackets when it comes to prolonged exposure to stormy weather.

2. Material Matters

The first thing you should consider when buying a raincoat is its material. Generally, coats are from nylon or polyester—some manufacturers will combine elements of both fibers to create durable, water-resistant coats. Nylon is more abrasion-resistant than polyester, so if you want something that can take hard wear on a hike through thorny bushes or rocky terrain, consider nylon. It’s also more flexible than polyester and offers better wind resistance.

Some rainwear comes padded with synthetic insulation, which is excellent for keeping warm but not as breathable as pure nylon. On the other hand, polyester is lightweight and highly breathable; backpackers often use it because it doesn’t add much weight to their load. If you live in an area with hot summers but cold winters (or vice versa), polyester might be your best bet because it keeps you cool during hot months but doesn’t hold heat like cotton does during winter.

3. Pit Zips Are Ingenious

Available on raincoats explicitly designed for active lifestyles, these nifty little vents can make all of the difference. Pit zips keep you cool by allowing heat and moisture to escape. And they’re also great when it comes time to stow your coat; if you wear a backpack while hiking or biking, pit zips will allow airflow, so you don’t get overheated.

The pockets below your armpits are usually mesh-lined, allowing any condensation that accumulates to evaporate quickly. If you find yourself in need of additional ventilation- unzip them! In addition to being useful when working up a sweat outdoors, pit zips also help keep things cozy during long drives. No matter how long you have to sit behind the wheel, there’s no reason it should be uncomfortable—especially if pit zips are an option!

4. Jacket Fit Is Important

When purchasing a women’s raincoat, you’ll want to find one that fits all your go-to spots. A well-fitted raincoat will keep your waist, bust and thighs covered, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted exposure. When trying on a coat, be sure it covers your bum completely. If it doesn’t reach all your favorite curves, you might want to go up in size or consider looking at different brands or styles.

You should also check that there is enough room to move when wearing a raincoat freely, but not too much space where it looks bulky. The right fit is essential for keeping you dry and comfortable in the elements. A string parka or duster may look great, but if they are too long, they can get caught in wind gusts and cause you to get wet from below. So remember, when shopping for a women’s raincoat, make sure it has some give!

5. Features are Important

You’ll want rainwear with multiple pockets—both on the exterior and interior. The numerous pockets will help keep your hands warm, the phone secure, and keys accessible. You’ll also want rainwear with reflective strips if you’re out running or biking at night. One major pro about most of these coats is their water resistance (and waterproof-ness).

That way, you won’t immediately soak through your outer layer even if you get caught in some drizzle, or it starts raining hard. What about color? Neutral colors like black, gray, and brown can be great because they match almost everything you wear. But there are lots of fun color options available too!


The selection of women’s raincoats available today is much broader than in years past. With more options available, women can choose from different fabrics and styles. Some women prefer traditional raincoats made of rubber, others like ponchos or slickers with an extended back flap, and some even love bright-colored hooded rain jackets. No matter what you choose, ensure your raincoat fits well and keeps you comfortable while you stay dry on rainy days.

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