Trending jackets for men in 2023

With fashion constantly changing, it’s hard to keep up with styles that are trending and looks that should have been left in 2008. Jackets can make or break an outfit so here are our must-have vintage jackets for men that you need in your wardrobe this season and the interesting history behind them!

Although they were made in the 1930s, The Harrington Jacket came into fashion in the 1960s (after being featured in a soap opera). Initially known as a Baracuta jacket, these lightweight pieces are a staple for layering with almost any outfit. Whether you keep it simple with a traditional black or go with the more daring bottle green, this is a classic piece with its traditional tartan lining that every man should have.

Now more famously known as the ‘bomber jacket’, vintage flight jackets will transform any simple outfit into an on-trend look! With their bold orange lining and interesting history these padded jackets were originally designed by the US Army for WWI pilots when they were in open-air cockpits. With their reversible design, you could go for the timeless black and orange or add a pop of colour to your look with the petrol blue/orange or the classic olive green/orange combo!

Keeping it smart and traditional, you could layer your shirts and rollnecks with the classic overcoat. If you need a fashionable favourite, these jackets are inspired by the British Army officer’s greatcoats worn in WW1 and have been a go-to jacket for men since the 18th century for a cleaner look. These overcoats are great for multiple occasions including work, events and dinner with friends.

The Donkey Jacket was first crafted as a workman’s jacket however due to its stylish and warm design it became a very popular jacket back in the day, and is still pretty popular today! This smart-casual coat will pair perfectly with most of your wardrobe whether you stick to a shirt and tie or pop out to the shops in your comfiest pair of jeans.

Parka Jackets are everywhere in winter, seen on both men and women. These comfy, cosy coats are a must-have for colder days whether your plans are a long day out with family or you just need to walk your dog around the local park. If you’re looking for the perfect coat that you will wear time and time again then look no further. Parkas are available in a range of styles and colours so it’s guaranteed you’ll find one you love!

Lastly, let’s talk about the Monkey Jacket. Similar to the Harrington Jacket, these timeless pieces are a great classic to pair with your simple jeans and t-shirt. Perfect for those chilly spring days, the Monkey jacket has a lightweight, retro style that you’d be silly not to add to your wardrobe.

Practical, vintage pieces will give you a jacket option for every occasion whilst keeping your wardrobe sustainable and timeless. In 2023, most people shop vintage not only because they know they are getting the best quality but they know the pieces they pick up will never go out of style so what are you waiting for?

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