Today’s Best Chicken FightingToIncrease Winning Rate at HI88

What’s the best cock fighting today?” is the concern of many cockerschoose fighting chickenThe upcoming battle is always a problemPlayer bets often wonder. To ensure success and victory, not only health but also need to pay attention to performance, fighting strengths whether their stamina peaks or not. Realizing the importance of this,we Efforts have been made to synthesize and provide detailed information through the following article.

I’m the color of the rooster tocor psedeter mined warlist

Matchi kê tBrand name Nhà cái Hi88 is influenced by many factors such as the strength, ability and agility of the legs, wings and neck. These factors can be developed through careas train. In addition, to have an advantage over the opponent, cockers need to master a secret, which is how to see the color of their feathers. fighting cock.

For breeders, most of them are interested in the date and time of departure to hit the roosters and choose the color of the opponent’s feathers to play.fighting cock mine. The magic of seeing the color of feathers has existed for a long time related to the theory of feng shui five elements.

Seeing the color of the fur, eyes, and legs of a species is related to the principle of the five elements together with interrelations between the elements. This means that the color of the feathers, eyes and legs of a species can match the time of the Rooster, Woody and Aquariustogether other element. Understanding how to see fur color will increase your chances of winning.

However, to know? What’s the best cock fighting today more precisely, it is necessary to combine other factors such as health, skillsnice tactics during training and matchmaking.

Reasons to see the color of the rooster

What is the best cock fighting today classified by par

For detailed information about the matchbrood the best of the day and the right chickens according to the feng shui network, everyone can consider distinguishing fighting cock The stone belongs to which destiny based on the color of the coat, follow the instructions below:

Destiny Kim

Chickens belonging to the Kim par have standard golden or golden golden feathers, as well as iridescent white. This can be ordinary gold orlist swallow. Pay attention to check the color of chicken feet, should choose yellow or white legs to increase the metallicity of the meat. If  If the feathers turn brown, then it is the type of the Earth par, which can be called lust burnt banana or burnt chicken.

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 What’s the best cock fighting today? Should I choose? belonging to the Moc par, should have gray fur. This applies to both neck and coat feathers of fighting cock. In addition, gray or blue legs can be selected to achieve homogeneity.

Menh Thuy –  What’s the best cock fighting today

List The water element is usually black or umbrella color (blue). However, for the line list fighting, do not have blue feathers, but instead, waterfowl are usually black and umbrella color. Simultaneously,alike belonging to the Thuy network can also choose the colors green, white, yellow, and lead, because these colors are compatible with Thuy’s par.

Todays Best Chicken FightingToIncrease Winning Rate at HI881

The millet belongs to the Water stone or

Destiny of Fire

Mars usually has common colors such as red, orange, pink, purple, and many other colors. In caselist fighting, only red appears in the feathers. Therefore, it is best to choose vibrant colors such as red, burgundy, red purple and yellow forfighting cock fighting under the Fire parchment.

Par brothels

Par Tho usually has the main color of brown earth. Therefore, the hair color of Tho par is divided into colors such as earth yellow, earth brown and cashew color. The legs should also be chosen the same color. Feather ofit often rarely used.

By following the above instructions, everyone will have more detailed information about the types  match the feng shui network and can learn the best cockfight of the day.

Will cShould you believe in the color of the rooster web or not?

The results of the fighting competition almost entirely depend on the state, care and diet, as well as the use of fighting drugs. However, when factors such as status and training and diet are the same, the birds will have comparable fighting power.

Therefore, to increase luck and the ability of the fighting cock to win when fighting you on What’s the best cock fighting today. SMillets often make a difference through the color of their feathers. For example, thirty years ago, there were only some alike in the Philippines are raised from high quality American lines.

Today, most fighting cock All fighters have access to these prestigious lines due to competition among nearby chicken farms to provide these breeds generals quality for the market.

Todays Best Chicken FightingToIncrease Winning Rate at HI882

Watch  What’s the best cock fighting today


In short, to answer the question “What’s the best cock fighting today?” Hey HI88, not only need to pay attention to the color of the feathers, but also need to consider the overall process of caring and training the fighting cocks. These are more important factors for achieving success in the match. We Hope the above information has been of great help to you.

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