Spells to break up a couple

We talked to Maxim in order to find out the truth about break them up spells People use break up spells against their enemies, the lovers of their significant others, and people they’re jealous of.

To continue our topic of spells to break up a couple, today we want to tell you about a few rituals to get rid of your partner who you’re bored with or to destroy a relationship which in your opinion shouldn’t exist. Today we’ll tell you about a ritual to make your son break up with his girlfriend who you think isn’t right for him, as well as an ice ritual which can be performed both, in the winter and in the summer (in the past when people had no fridges, sorcerers performed this ritual only when it was really cold).

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Since all these rituals are intended for destruction, the following rules should be observed during their performance. First and foremost, perform your ritual only when the moon is in its waning crescent phase. Secondly, study a purification ritual to perform it right after you finish your break up spell. Thirdly, don’t be greedy and buy a powerful protective amulet from a professional spellcaster and have it adjusted to fit your energies before you perform your ritual. Fourthly, make sure you’re not doing it to get back at the couple. If you punishing anyone, whether or not this person deserves it, you will also bring punishment upon yourself, writing programs of pain and suffering in your karma which are very difficult to erase. Fifthly, follow our guidelines carefully and don’t try to improvise or make any changes to the break up rituals described in this article.​

Spells for breaking up a couple

If you don’t like your son’s girlfriend or wife and want to use one of the break up couple spells, wait until the moon starts to wane and then get three hairs from your son’s scalp, the girl’s picture, and some honey.

Open the window and put the picture on the windowsill. Apply some honey to the girl’s lips (in the picture), light the son’s hairs, throw the ashes over the honey, and say thrice:

“You (the girl’s name) thought it would be sweet but it would be bitter. You (the girl’s name) thought it would be soft but it would be hard. You (the woman’s name) thought you’d be with my son (his name) forever but he’s going to leave you soon. He’ll abandon you, push you away and ask you to leave. You (the girl’s name) think you’re controlling my son’s destiny but you’re wrong. I’m controlling it. I have the right for it as his mother who carried him in my hands, gave birth to him in pain, didn’t sleep many nights for having to take care of him, and I’m telling you to walk away, fly away, leave my son alone. You’ll fall but won’t hurt yourself, but when you touch the ground, my son will never be yours. Let it be like the mother said. Let my words be heard.”

Then throw the picture out of the window and close the window. Light three white candles on the windowsill to protect yourself from the possible negative side-effects of your black magic spell.

If you think your husband is too dependent on his mother which is negatively impacting your relationship, you can use the below spell to break up a couple with two pictures. On any odd day when the moon is waning, take your husband’s picture, light a candle behind your back, come up to the window, and put the picture in the moonlight. While looking the man in the eye, say:

“I’m washing you with the moonlight, washing your face with it. It’ll change you. I’ll become more important to you than your mother. You’ll love her. You’ll love me. But you’ll love me more. You’ll think about me, worry about me, anticipating my wishes and thoughts. After you think about me, take care of me, and worry about me, you’ll turn to your mother. Be it so until there is the moon in the sky.”

On even days do the same to the woman’s picture, saying:

“Live long, live happily, but live letting (the man’s name) go. Give him to me, let me take your place, enjoy our happiness, enjoy our love. Don’t interfere with our lives and don’t try to steal (the man’s name) from me ever again.”

If you’re persistent enough, you will reduce the mother’s role in your husband’s life. However, such rituals work only for women who really love their husbands and wish them well.​

Spells to break up a couple1

How to break up a couple spell

How to break up a couple? Spell casting tips are available in this article. So let’s get to the technical part of this process. Start preparing for your ritual at least one month in advance. To begin with, find a lunar calendar and determine the lunar cycle that suits your spell. In this case it’s a waning crescent moon. Then buy or make the accessories required for the ritual if you need any. Also buy some candles and keep them in your bedroom. This will allow the candles to tune into your energy to better help you when the time comes.

Begin with changing your diet. From now on you should eat less and never overeat. Also, avoid unnecessary physical activity and abstain from sex. The latter is very important because many black magic rituals impact their victims through their sex chakras, especially when they’re weak. Break up magic makes people break up through destructive changes in their sexual relationships. Since regular sex weakens sex chakras, they become highly vulnerable to magic.

Black magic has another special property. When called to our world, it starts with attacking the caller, that is the black magic practitioner. So you should be prepared for such an attack by restoring your sex and all other chakras. To this end, follow the below rules:

  • Don’t drink any alcohol;
  • Don’t overeat;
  • Don’t starve yourself either;
  • Sleep more;
  • Stay calm;
  • Avoid talking to other people;
  • Avoid intense physical workouts;
  • Meditate;
  • Review the ritual description every day to know it by heart.

Three, two and one day prior to your break up a couple spell, perform a mock ritual. Let’s assume you’re going to perform a ritual using a knife, a picture and a candle. So use a non-magical candle, a blank sheet of paper instead of the picture, and something sharp instead of the knife, such as a ruler or a piece of cardboard. Perform the ritual as described, but without lighting the candle or saying the spell aloud. Do it for three evenings. This is how you can minimize the risk of making a mistake when you perform the real ritual.​

A spell to break up a couple fast

Powerful spells for breaking up a couple can be put on a raw kitchen egg. Visit a farm and buy an egg there which can possibly hatch. Such eggs can’t be bought at supermarkets, which is why they’re called “dead eggs”. So you need an “alive egg”.

Build what looks like a house in the backyard using bricks. It should protect the egg from small predators and rodents. Put your altar near it and burn nine pictures on it: three couple pictures, three pictures of the man and three pictures of the woman. Put on protective gloves, collect the ashes and rub them in the egg, saying:

“I’m charging you for a break up, ending, separation, divorce. It’s not a chicken that will hatch but the end of love between (the names of the lovers). There will be no hen darting out of the egg but a single woman. You won’t walk around like a cock but like a single man. (The man’s name) and (the woman’s name) will become strangers to each other soon. Stay here. Absorb my magic. Grow a separation for (say the names). In the meantime, I’ll wait and dream of my future.”

Put the egg inside the brick “house” and come back in 45 days. Take the egg and go to the house of the couple. Break the egg again their doorstep and watch its content spreading over the steps. Walk away repeating the above words thrice.

During the ritual pay attention to the condition of the egg. If it looks bad, the couple’s sure to break up. If it looks fine, maybe the relationship is too strong to end it with amateurish magic, meaning you need to work with a professional spellcaster who has experience in love and break up magic.

There is one more ritual you can perform with an egg. For this ritual you also need a black magic candle and a picture of the target couple. Tear the picture in half. Make a hole in the fresh egg which is big enough for you to put pieces of the picture inside. Seal the hole with some black candle wax. Then bury the egg under the window of the bedroom of the couple’s house. As a result, their relationship will go bad along with the egg.

Perform this ritual only if the lovers live in a detached house and you can come close to their bedroom window. If you want to put a spell on a couple living in a condo, this ritual shouldn’t be used. If you still go through with it, the spell will end up on the couple whose relationship is the easiest to destroy. For your information, if you put a spell on someone you don’t know, you’ll face serious karma effects. As you know, break up spells can be cast only if they will eventually make at least one of the partners happy, which will be the case if the man you’re in love with breaks up with his girlfriend and starts dating you.

To prevent negative karma effects, experienced witches and sorcerers perform two rituals for each of the targets after casting a break up spell. These rituals are intended to make the targets happy and help them find true love. However, negative side-effects don’t occur if the break up spell frees one of the partners from a toxic relationship (in which there are lies, infidelity, control, etc.) In such cases the caster’s karma only gets better and lighter.

Never forget about karma, especially if you’re dealing with black magic. In our articles we’ve already told you about the consequences of black magic and how to eliminate them or protect yourself from them, so we won’t repeat ourselves.

A freezer spell to break up a couple

In the past this freezer spell to break up a couple would be cast only in the winter because the casters needed ice and therefore freezing temperatures. Today this spell can be cast any time. To begin with, get a picture of the couple you want to break up and some personal belongings. If possible, collect some hairs from their hair brushes. Steal some of their clothes, such as T-shirts with sweat stains. Washed clothes aren’t good for this ritual.

When you have the clothes, cut out a piece with maximum concentration of their biomaterials (and therefore energy). For example, if you have a T-shirt, cut out the armpits or the collar. Glue the man’s piece of clothing to the man’s body in the picture without covering the head, and do the same to the woman’s piece of clothing. Then put a large candle in a magical candlestick and say:

“You (the man’s name) are no longer just an image in the picture. You’re my captive and I’m controlling your life. You (the woman’s name) are not just looking at me soullessly and intangibly. Now you’re obeying me. You both are now in my control. You both will give me the keys to your thoughts and feelings. You both will do what I command you to. You (the man’s name) will never disobey me. You (the woman’s name) will always do as I want. I’ve revived you in this picture and now I can do to you anything I want.”

Leave the pictures on the table, go to a spring and get about 2 liters of water. Use an old jar with cracks. Bring the water home. Now go outside and collect some road dust and dirt with a broom. Leave the dust and dirt in the shovel and bring the shovel in. Then take a paper or wooden box and use film to leak-proof the bottom. By the way, in the past they did it with candle wax.

Note that you should do it while the candle is burning. If it dies out or burns all the way down while you’re still preparing for your break up couple spell, discontinue whatever you’re doing. It’s a sign you shouldn’t cast this break up spell.

Put the picture in the box, pour the spring water into it, and put it in the freezer. Now blow out the candle and say:

“Let magic be born. Let a break up be born from magic.”

Put the box in the freezer and don’t touch it for one day. In 24 hours take it out and take the ice out too. Go outside and break the ice against the ground. Throw the road dust and dirt over the ice pieces and say:

“Your relationship will turn into water just like this monolith. Try to put the pieces back together but you’ll be left with dust on your hands. Try to be together again but you’ll get nothing but tears. Try to protect yourself against magic but magic will always be stronger. That’s what I say. Since you’re obeying me, it’ll happen exactly as I say.”

When you come back home, light a candle and perform a protective ritual. Your spell should bring first results in about a month.

Spellcaster Maxim offers affordable magic services , including break up spells that work. You’ll see the results within a few weeks, depending on how strong the relationship is and how much the partners love each other. Check More article

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