Leathern December : A Look into the History of Leather Production

Leathern December is a term that refers to the peak period of leather production, which typically occurs in the month of December. The name has its roots in the medieval times, when tanners would work long hours to produce large quantities of leather before the winter season set in. Today, the leather industry has evolved significantly, but the tradition of Leathern December still holds strong. In this article, we will explore the history of leather production and the significance of Leathern December in modern times.

The History of Leather Production

Leather has been used by humans for thousands of years. In ancient times, people used animal skins to make clothing, footwear, and shelter. As civilization progressed, the demand for leather grew, and tanning became a specialized skill. Tanners would soak animal hides in water and then treat them with various chemicals to preserve them and make them more durable.

By the Middle Ages, leather production had become a major industry, and tanners formed guilds to protect their trade secrets and ensure quality control. Leather was used for a wide range of purposes, including armor, bookbinding, and upholstery.

Leathern December

The tradition of Leathern December dates back to the medieval times when tanners would work hard to produce as much leather as possible before the winter season set in. Tanners would take advantage of the colder weather to dry the leather, which helped to preserve it and make it more durable. The name “Leathern December” comes from this practice, which was essential to the survival of the leather industry.

Today, Leathern December is still an important time for the leather industry, although the process of leather production has changed significantly. Modern tanneries use a range of technologies and chemicals to process leather more efficiently, but the tradition of producing leather in large quantities before the winter season remains.

The Significance of Leathern December

Leathern December is a significant time for the leather industry for several reasons. Firstly, the demand for leather goods tends to increase during the holiday season, as people look for gifts for their loved ones. This means that leather producers need to be prepared to meet the demand, which often involves ramping up production in the months leading up to December.

Secondly, Leathern December is an important time for tanneries because it marks the end of the year. Many tanneries take this time to reflect on their achievements over the past 12 months and plan for the year ahead. This is a time for innovation and new beginnings, as tanners look for ways to improve their processes and products.

Finally, Leathern December is a time to celebrate the history and tradition of leather production. Although the methods of tanning have changed significantly over the centuries, the skill and craftsmanship required to produce high-quality leather goods remain the same. Leathern December is a time to honor the hard work and dedication of tanners, past and present.


Leathern December is a term that has its roots in the medieval times but remains significant to the leather industry today. It is a time to ramp up production, reflect on the past year, and celebrate the history and tradition of leather production. As we move into the future, the leather industry will continue to evolve, but the tradition of Leathern December will always hold strong.

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