How to wear a women’s harness: choose your style

Women harness – a piece of clothing, which is a geometric pattern of straps intertwined with each other. The most common material for a belt is leather or its substitute, metal, latex, rubber or fabric.

It is believed that the style of wearing a women leather harness resembles military, however, other cultures adopt it and consider it their own – rock, punk, gothic, casual, BDSM culture.

Initially, the harness was considered the “brainchild” of BDSM aesthetics and was an attribute of this sexual culture. Now designers have brought harness and bondage lingerie accessories to the world catwalks and added popularity to it, which softened the perception of it towards feminine and sexuality at the same time.

A girl in a harness arouses interest, attracts attention. One of the advantages of the accessory is its ability to emphasize the beauty of the lines of the chest, hips and waist. Also, a well-chosen harness model can hide figure flaws – visually reduces or enlarges the hips, chest, giving the correct proportions.

The versatility of the product also lies in the fact that it is combined with different styles of clothing, underwear, and a naked body.

In this article, we will look at the secrets of the correct combination of leather harness with clothes of different styles.


A monophonic strict dress is perfectly combined with a harness, your look looks elegant and stylish. Such an accessory goes well with classic pencil dresses with strict and clear lines, without a pattern, beads, rhinestones, sequins or fabric inserts, as in itself it is a bright attribute to your image.

Tips on how to combine a dress with a harness:

  • Dress-“sheath” – models of belts are well combined, with wide and thin straps with a simple weave. This look is perfect for every day or as a strictly business style.
  • Sundresses, T-shirts and tops can be well complemented by an “X”-shaped leather harness for woman or a corset harness. This will emphasize the waist and draw attention to the chest and shoulders.
  • Light styles made of airy fabrics can be well complemented; you can also complement a harness with an airy, but complex geometry – openwork weaving from thin straps will give your image tenderness and sexuality at the same time.
  • Dresses, tops with cutouts on the back can be complemented with a choker belt.
  • Over skirts and shorts, a harness in the form of garters made of straps looks decent.

Give preference to a belt that does not merge with clothing (for example, a black belt or white) or a half-tone. If you want to create an elegant look, but at the same time do not want undue attention, then choose a harness in flesh color, it will delicately emphasize the dignity of the figure.


A leather harness on a white shirt with a classic cut will look elegant and restrained. You can also wear a harness with shirts or blouses of any color, but the main thing is that they be solid or in a small pattern (dot, stripe).

Openwork harness-mesh will add “peppercorn” to your image, you can also wear a corset or a wide belt.

Translucent blouses are not suitable for combination with a harness, they are combined with lighter accessories.


Harness for woman can effectively complement your look if you wear it over your underwear. Of course, we are talking primarily about a special occasion, not for everyday wear. The overall bow will turn out sexy and bold, and your partner will appreciate your femininity and unusualness.

When choosing you need to know:

  • harness models with complex weaves (mesh, cobwebs and strap patterns) are suitable for plain models of underwear, bodysuits and mesh underwear.
  • lace lingerie with supplex, silk, stasis and lace is best combined with either a leg garter, thigh garter or a corset.

To add more erotic appearance, lingerie harnesses with a harness can be supplemented with other harness accessories – collars for woman, thigh garter, lingerie bondage a leash, bra harness, cuffs.

Do not wear chains, earrings with large details, bracelets on a leather belt. You will overload the look with accessories that do not match with each other and the image will look sloppy.


Creating the perfect bow with a leather belt is not as difficult as it seems. All you have to do is follow a few rules and this amazing accessory will be a great addition to your daily wear or outfit for a themed party or erotic occasion.

We recommend following three rules:

  • We do not combine with other jewelry and accessories (metal, rhinestones, chains and pendants, sequins, lace, etc.) Harness woman is a self-sufficient accessory that can only be combined with a harness style. You can combine the choker with chest straps or garters, but don’t overload your look with different incompatible gizmos.
  • Avoid wearing belts on contrasting multi-colored items. Options look spectacular in tone, contrast or the same color, but of a different shade.
    Quality is a very, very important aspect. When buying a harness, you do not always want to wear it over clothes, so assuming that it will come into contact with the skin, you need to think about the quality of the material, paint, and the edges of the product.

Your feelings in the harness should be comfortable. It should not injure the skin or cause allergies. It is better to purchase products from trusted brands and stores with a good reputation. Pay attention to the presence of adjustment straps – they will help to achieve a “perfect” fit to the body. Most models have fasteners and fullness regulators. Consider the quality of the fittings and the material, as a rule, branded manufacturers use cast fittings.


If you are thinking about buying this accessory, the Obsessharness online store offers a huge selection of models for every taste and occasion – from casual to erotic. Our managers will always help you decide on the model of the harness and choose the option you need.

Material – natural vegetable tanned leather, smooth patent leather and soft nappa. All models are unique and handmade.

We organically combined convenience and beauty with care for your health. Therefore, the fittings are of proven Italian quality, and we use water-based paints. We ship all over the world.

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