How to Choose a Good Dress with a Floral Print

For several seasons in a row, floral prints have not left the list of major fashion trends. And this is not surprising because bright, picturesque, and delicate models of jardin de fleurs dresses can emphasize the beauty of every woman, her individuality, and her rich inner world.

It’s time to figure out what to wear with a floral dress to look stylish, emphasizing your appearance favorably. In Milla online store you can buy matching floral dresses from a wide range with delivery within the USA and abroad. Shop our collection of linen dresses for a stylish and sustainable wardrobe.

How to Choose a Good Floral Dress

The floral print is a real find for spring and summer days. It attracts attention, inspires, and creates a true summer mood. Let’s look at a few rules, adhering to which, you can easily choose the perfect dress for yourself, successfully combined with the elements of your style:

How to Choose a Good Dress with a Floral Print3

  • Choose sleeveless flutter dresses with a simple cut. It is better to avoid complex fabric numerous folds, corrugations, reliefs, and basques.
  • Floral ornaments love to coexist with bright and monochrome additions. It can be outerwear (vests, jackets, coats) or accessories (shoes, bags, glasses, bracelets).
  • A small floral print is the prerogative of petite and slender women. The smaller the flowers, the more voluminous the figure will look.
  • To visually make the figure slimmer, pick up a floral maxi dress with a floral ornament applied vertically on the sides of the dress.
  • Flowers on a light background can visually add volume, and on a dark background, they can make you look slimmer.

What to Wear with a Floral Dress?

Floral images are appropriate not only for a romantic date or a walk with friends but also in the office, at a business meeting, or at a gala event. The main thing is to choose the right classic dress itself, its cut and material, as well as things for the set that will fit your image.

Since a jardin de fleurs dress is a rather self-sufficient element of clothing, it is very important to choose the right shoes to set the mood for the whole set. Dresses with floral prints look equally good with woven sandals, wedge sandals, heels, pumps, and sneakers. The choice depends on the style of the dress.

The first thing to start is a harmonious combination of colors in the kit. To make your look perfect, you should not match the same bright bag or shoes with decor to a bright dress. Accessories should fit the background on which the flowers are depicted.

A Wide Range of Floral Dresses in Milla Online Store

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