Crazy Time at PTGame24 Casino Online

If you like the thrill of playing live casino games, you might want to try out Crazy Time at Ptgame24. This game features four bonus rounds and similar RTP to Monopoly Live. The maximum payout is EUR500,000. In addition, you do not need a large deposit to play Crazy Time. You can sign up and play with a minimum balance of 30 or 50 euros. You do not have to worry about risking too much money either – you can start with as little as 0.10 EUR.

Crazy Time is a live casino game

Playing the live casino game Crazy Time on Ptgame24 can be an amazing experience. The game combines features of Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher to create a highly entertaining casino experience. In the game, players are led to a live studio by the hosts of Crazy Time. There, they can choose from one of 8 bet types and win money when the wheel lands on that bet segment.

It has 4 bonus rounds

Crazy Time is a new slot machine by online. The game has an innovative theme and amazing graphics. The 4 bonus rounds are all themed differently and include different icons and designs. They also feature different colors like blue, yellow, and green. The graphics of Crazy Time are unlike anything else in the gambling industry. They are both visually stimulating and entertaining. In fact, you can win multipliers up to twenty times your stake!

It has a similar RTP to Monopoly Live

If you’re looking for a new live casino game, Monopoly Live may be the right one for you. While the graphics and gameplay are similar to that of the desktop version, Monopoly Live features an exciting bonus round. In this bonus round, you will be presented with a card containing a multiplier amount or cash prize. To increase your chances of winning, you can move around the board and land on the Chance or Community Chest squares. Once the bonus round is completed, you’ll return to the main room.

It has a maximum payout of EUR500,000

If you’re looking for a great casino game that has the potential for a large payout, you may want to play Crazy Time at PTGame24 online. This live game show is based on a money wheel concept and offers four bonus games and Top Slot multipliers. In addition to the live entertainment, this game also has an advanced RNG gameplay and a maximum payout of EUR500,000.

It is available in ptgame24

Among the best games at PTGame24 casino online is Crazy Time, a new slot game by Evolution Gaming. This game combines the features of a game show and a slot machine to give players a thrilling gaming experience. In addition, the game features great rewards, outstanding visuals, and interactive gameplay. Launched in July 2020, Crazy Time has already reached the top position of many online casinos. The game combines the features of a gameshow and a slot machine, and it offers massive wins of up to 25,000 times your stake.

It has a demo mode

If you’re new to casino games, you’ll find Crazy Time a good place to start. It’s a simple game with simple controls. However, you may want to try other games as well. You can randomly roll multipliers on certain fields, for instance, three times for number five. That would make a 15x payout if you bet on the right number.


The first thing you need to do when you start playing the Crazy Time game is to choose your bets. There are several boxes for you to choose from, such as 1, 2, 5, 10, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. The betting grid will tell you how much you can win based on the outcome of each mini-game. Depending on the number you choose, you can choose to bet on only mini-games or on bonus rounds.

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